How to take great photos of kids for agency submission

When sending in photographs of your child for submission to a children’s talent/modelling agency, there are some things to take into consideration to ensure that a great representation of your child is portrayed. The images that you select to send into the agency, make all of the difference between being asked to meet with the particular agency or not having the chance to do so.

At Ikonic Kids ( we ask that you send in some candid shots of your child for submission. These do not have to be professional images – happy snaps are just fine as long as they show a clear image of your child. If you do have professional images from a family shoot or school photos please ensure that they are recent and include when they were taken. It is no good to send through beautiful professional photos of your child that are six months old!

To start with find a neautral background to shoot against. You want to ensure that your child is the main focus of the image and that they are not lost in a busy back ground. A plain wall or in front of a plain door works great. You may also like to try shooting against a tree or in front of a bush in the garden. The clearer the background the better the result will be, so make sure there are no signs, distractions or other people in the image. We also suggest that you keep your child in neutral colours, and not in costumes or with props such as sunglasses and hats.

Its a great idea to take a lot of different shots and try different angles to ensure you get a great photo that shows your child’s personality. Most importantly have fun!

Once you have photos that you are happy with, you are ready to send them in to agencies for submission. Always ensure that you read the requirements for each agency when sending in images of your child as different agencies have different requirements and some do not accept any submissions that do not meet requirements.

All submissions for Ikonic Kids can be made at here »

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