What does Ikonic Kids do?
Ikonic Kids and Ikonic Agency are agents who represent talent in all areas of the entertainment industry, including but not limited to still photography, television commercials, drama, film and marketing projects.

How do I join Ikonic?
To apply to join Ikonic Kid you will need to fill out our Talent Application form with the relevant information and submit up to 3 low resolution images. These don’t need to be professional images – happy snaps are just fine. Make sure you have a measuring tape handy as you will be asked for some measurements as well as contact details.

What division should I join?
We have 2 different divisions covering the talent we represent.
Ikonic Kids – Ikonic Kids represents children from newborn babies and children up until they turn 18 years of age
Ikonic Agency – Ikonic Agency is our lifestyle agency that book talent for lifestyle advertisements, television commercials, drama, still photography and promotions for talent aged 18 plus.

Real families – We are currently looking for real families to fill our demand! For the past few years the birth rate in Australia has increased dramatically meaning that advertisers are spending more time (and money) marketing their products to appeal to young families, Mums, Dads and children. Advertisers also love using real families as opposed to using different models and actors as the interaction is much more natural and real.

We regularly book talent for lifestyle advertisements, pregnant mothers, families, grandparents as well as children.

Does Ikonic Kids accept all applications?
No. Ikonic Kids pride ourself on being a boutique agency. We carefully select the children that we think we can obtain work for and therefore are unable to accept every application that we are sent. In order to give each child the best opportunities we can, we only accept a small number of children in each age group. If your application is not successful it doesn’t mean that we don’t think your child could not succeed in the industry – we may already represent a child with a similar look and/or in the same age bracket.

Do you interview children?
If we would like to see you and your child, you will be invited to come and see us for an interview so that we can speak to you in more depth about the agency, the process we use and to see your child in person. We understand that this can be a little overwhelming for some children, and that they may act unusually shy – this is fine. We don’t expect them to ‘perform’ – we just want real kids! Don’t put any pressure on them – it is really very informal. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you have about us, the industry and your expectations.

How do you promote my child?
As your agent, Ikonic kids works to give your children the very best opportunities in the entertainment industry. We submit the children that fit the client’s requests per job (gender, age, hair colour, size etc) and the clients then selects who they would like to see for a casting or in some cases will book a child straight from their images. Ikonic Kids then negotiate the terms and conditions of each job – the rates of pay, the amount of time the job will be seen and any additional fees it will attract.

We have regular contact with our clients and keep them up to date with the children we have on our books. As children grow and change so rapidly we send out head sheets ( head shots of all of our talent) so that clients know of any changes to our children including lost teeth and hair cuts.
Ikonic also use industry casting websites to submit our children for work.

How often will my child get work?
We cannot offer any guarantee in regard to the amount of work you will get and no agency can. What ‘looks’ clients are after for their advertising changes on a day to day basis, and some children seem to get a lot of work right from the start, while others can go for longer periods of time without requests and some will not get booked at all.

We submit our talent to casting directors who make the final decisions to who they would like to book. All booking decisions are made by the casting director/client to fit with the look of their product or advertising need. However we are continually promoting our talent to ensure that each and every one of them have maximum opportunities in the industry.

It is also important to point out that most work occurs Monday to Friday in business hours, and usually in city locations. Work that takes place on weekends attracts penalty rates, so clients mostly try to avoid these. This may mean that you may have to take your child out of school for some jobs and castings. In adherence to the child welfare regulations, child work permits are required for any work that takes place in school hours and must be signed by your school’s principal. We will explain this process in depth at the interview.

What ages do you represent?
Ikonic Kids represents children from newborn to 18 years old. Talent from 18 and over falls under our Ikonic Agency lifestyle division.

Can I have more than one child represented?
We have many families that have more than one child represented with Ikonic Kids. If you are interested in submitting more than one child to Ikonic Kids for representation you must be comfortable with the fact that not all of your children may be suitable to work in the industry, or selected on Ikonic Kids books. Also, if brothers and sisters are submitted for the same jobs and to the same clients, in more cases than not, one of your children may be selected for the job, and another not. It is important to tell your children that if this happens it is not because one particular sibling is ‘better’ than the others, it is simply because the casting agency thinks that the brother/sister is right for this job, this time.

Do we sign a contract for Ikonic Kids?
If you decide that Ikonic Kids is the right agency for you, we will give you a copy of our agency agreement to sign, which outlines what we do, what you are expected to do and that while you are being represented by Ikonic Kids, you are unable to be represented by another agency.
This agreement starts once it is signed and your yearly fee has been received.

Does Ikonic Kids charge a fee?
Yes, all reputable children’s agencies in Australia charge a fee. At Ikonic Kids our fees are structured to give you some options in what you would like to have included in your representation – we don’t want our representation to be unobtainable. To keep our fees low we run from a child friendly home office and don’t include expensive photography sessions in our fees.

We charge a yearly rate of $230 ($250 for initial sign up.)

These fees cover a 12 month period and include administration and representation on our website, a digital com card with unlimited updates (provided by the parent) and a monthly newsletter.

You also have the option of signing your child up to AT2, which is a professional online casting database that gives your child the opportunity to be submitted and cast for additional jobs (some casting agencies only use AT2 and therefore any person wishing to be submitted for these jobs must be a member of the data base). A yearly membership to AT2 is $69.99. We set this up for our talent if you select this option.

A 10% discount is given on your annual Ikonic fee if you have 2 or more children signed with Ikonic Kids.

All fee’s and AT2 memberships are fully non-refundable.

What is AT2?
AT2 membership enables your child to have their profile listed on Australia’s largest casting network. AT2 Casting is an online casting tool for the entertainment industry, that allows hundreds of casting directors and talent agents to search for talent, actors and models and to send out audition notices and to submit performers for specific roles. We can only submit children to AT2 jobs who are signed up. Like everything in the industry it is not guaranteed that you will get work from AT2 if you are signed up with them, however you will be submitted for more jobs (dependant on how many roles your child fits the criteria for).

If you select the AT2 option, we will set it up for you, and then you will be able to log in and see your child’s profile and upload additional images and information.

Do I need professional photographs taken?
Professional photographs are not a requirement. We suggest that to start with we use suitable pictures you have taken of your kids at home.
We do recommend having professional images taken for children over 2 years of age as they can help give clients a good strong first impression of your child. For children under the age of 2, their look changes so quickly so unless you are looking for some beautiful pictures for your own albums we suggest you use some regular happy snaps taken at home are fine.

We work with some fabulous photographers who we can recommend to you. We do not make any commissions off photographers so our suggestions are purely based on the photographer’s ability. We prefer really natural, clean images over the photography stands in shopping centres that produce over edited; over posed images (some casting agencies will not accept these types of photos).

Why are Ikonics Fees cheaper than most other Talent Management Companies?
The reason we are cheaper than some other children’s talent agencies is because we don’t incur the running costs associated with having expensive offices, or include things in our yearly fee that you may not need.

What is the pay rate for children?
The pay rate is different for each job depending on the client and the assignment. Before you accept a job you will be given the pay schedule for that particular job.

What commission does Ikonic take?
Depending on the type of work we take between 10%-20% commission for the work that we have secured for you. The exact amount will be outlined to you before you accept each job.

Do children need a tax file number?
Children may require a tax file number, which can be obtained free of charge from the Australian Taxation Office.
In most cases, children can claim an exemption because they are under 18 years of age and earn under the tax free threshold.

Ikonic Kids is not the employer of your child, we are your agency. The client from each job is your employer and will deduct tax from your wage if required. If your child has a tax file number, and at the end of the year your child is under the tax free threshold, then you will receive a refund for any paid tax through your tax return.
To find out more information about the tax implications of children working in the entertainment industry, the tax free threshold and what category your child best fits, please speak to your accountant or financial adviser.

Is my child’s information safe?
The safety of our children is our priority. Therefore we don’t give out personal information, and all information, bookings and inquiries must come through our office.

Everyone we work with must produce a valid Working With Children’s Check.

Who do you work with?
At Ikonic Kids we not only work with the top names and brands in the country, but also with smaller retailers, photographers, wholesalers and brands. These smaller brands often don’t have the same big budgets as their larger counterparts, but by working within their budgets and requirements, our children have the opportunity to gain experience in the industry, to build their folio and the option to work with contra agreements (products, vouchers and clothing). We also work with select film and photography schools to give our talent time in front of the camera.

Our children can be seen in print campaigns, magazines, look books, television commercials and on the runway.

Where is Ikonic Kids located?
We are located in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Hampton Park. We run from a child friendly home office to keep our running costs to a minimum, which means we don’t pass these costs onto our talent through inflated yearly fees. The location of our office isn’t a concern for our talent, as most of the jobs and casting happen around the CBD and surrounding suburbs. If asked for an interview you will be required to pop in for an initial meet and greet, but most other matters are able to be dealt with over the phone or via email.